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After-sales Service

ANSMA warrants that all ANSMA products are manufactured and tested in accordance with national standards and are subject to inspection and certification. Guarantee your safe use of ANSMA products. ANSMA guarantees strict compliance with the relevant national product quality regulations and product quality standards, strict implementation of the relevant national industrial products after-sales service laws and regulations, the factory products from the date of delivery within 18 months or within 12 months ANSMA will be unconditional Accept your after-sales service requirements.

If you have any design, material, handling and other defects in the ANSMA product itself, ANSMA will replace your new product or replace the same value product for you free of charge. If there is a serious product quality problems need to be recalled for repair, replacement, ANSMA will bear all the shipping costs.

If you have a quality objection to the ANSMA product, we promise to respond within 24 hours of receiving your objection and make a comment. If you need to solve the scene, we will send professional and technical service personnel for your service.

Sincerely hope that ANSMA's efforts can bring more convenience to your life and bring you a pleasant experience!